Divsion of Continuing Education and Professional Development
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For future development, four stages are planned:
The first stage:
Learning from the experiences of other universities, the Division plans to recruit more students and increase the number of classes.
The second stage:
Through networking and building connections, the Division attempts to explore opportunities for offering classes for specific purposes or occupations.
The third stage:
To develop continuing and sustainable business, the Division continues to promote overall efficiency of the courses it provided.
The forth stage:
The Division aims to provide possibilities to benefit students at NTCU, offering them the opportunities to experience the process of creating any business.
The Division places an important emphasis on four principles “learning,” “creativity,” “practice,” and “technology. In the future, the Division will continue offering a variety of courses, including courses commissioned by government authorities, training courses sponsored by the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, courses of creative life design, courses of Chinese language development,and courses related to experiencing real-life business environment.
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